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hey! my name is Kartikeya tyagi and today we will discuss about how business works, before starting your business you should know how businesss works.

how do you learn the basics of business I got a question today from Jonathan who wrote exactly that he's a YouTube follower and he's struggling right now he doesn't know if he should keep good in his education everybody tells me to go get a degree but he wants to start a business and he's not sure about anything abyss he doesn't know what business he wants to start he has no business background he's just excited by it and doesn't want to lose the opportunity so great question Jonathan and I feel for you I remember being in university so I went University I got my degree but at the same time I wanted to start my own business and I actually started it when I was in university I met up with two people who are also at the same University and we built this software company together and I remember when I graduated most of my friends went off to get jobs at these big companies and I had opportunity to do it too and I thought I'm gonna regret this for the rest of my life if I don't take the time now to try it because when you're young you don't have the attachments right you don't have the commitments you don't have as many responsibilities I didn't have a wife you didn't have kids I didn't have anything or anyone to look after except myself and so I thought this is the time to try and do it because I do not want to live the rest of my life regretting and so I told myself I'm going to take one year off I graduated

 I'm going to take one year off and try to do this business thing and if it doesn't work out those same job opportunities will still be there for me I never went back to get a job doesn't may not be your story but that's mine what I would encourage you to do to learn the basics is start now and if you're not sure what you want to do start on both paths start getting a degree and try to incorporate your business into it as much as possible when I was in university I tried to use my business that I was starting as a case study for every course that I was doing if I had a marketing project I always applied it to my business I used it as an example if I had a advertising exercising and to do I applied it to my business in my last year I managed to convince one of my professors to do a self-guided course and instead of actually going on doing a course he worked with me on my business and a Canada is a credit 

so I always use my business in conjunction with my education I think it's really hard to to teach entrepreneurship in universities I think it's possible I don't think a lot of universities do a good job mine certainly did not because so much of it is hands-on you've got to get into it and so what I've encouraged you to do is start looking at opportunities to do your business and do your education until you get confident comfortable enough to go out and branch on your own until you get with certainty that decision that this is what I need to do right now another great way to learn the basics is start working for a company who you respect admire look up to want to be a part of so say you're interested in graphic design and you one day want to start your own graphic design business go find a job at a small graphic design shop don't go work for the biggest guy in the industry because that's not what your short term plan is going to be if you're going to start a business go learn from somebody who's a few steps ahead of you work for somebody who has maybe ten employees and learn as much about the business as possible don't just do what they hire you to do do as much as you can to get close to the founder the entrepreneur founder learn from them learn the projects get involved in as many areas of the business as possible because they will teach you how to do their job how they started their business you learn the ins and outs of running that kind of company and you'll learn one is this something you want to do you know may sound great on paper but once you get into it you may think oh but this is crazy this is this isn't what I thought it was at all I'm so glad

 I didn't just spend my life saving and starting this company because it's not for me so it gives you certainty but it also teaches you the skills gives you connections and trains you and how to be a cessful entrepreneur in that field and that can be a part-time job - you could pursue your education and do this thing part-time to learn the ropes so you're getting paid to learn your university you're paying to learn here you're getting paid to learn and make mistakes you're getting paid to make mistakes and then when you're ready to go do your own thing you have the experience you're not going to make as many mistakes you have contact Selena and you'll know if starting the business is for you or not so that's my best advice for you at the end of the day you have to do what's right in your heart you may be fine with going out and becoming a corporate worker right that's fine that that's for some people but if you have this burning desire here in your heart that you need to do this you want to be an entrepreneur then you owe it to yourself to at least dry you don't want to look back on your life and regret that you didn't do this and a quick story from Jeff Bezos one of my favorite entrepreneurs from he was 40 years old he was a vice president at a successful company the youngest ever VP at his company making huge dollars and he left it all to start a company called and everybody thought he was crazy you're gonna sell books over the internet what who's gonna buy that that's ridiculous and this was the early early early days of the internet now it seems like a no-brainer but for that time it was a huge risk he left everything he knew all the security the high paying job to start this business and the reason why he did it is he didn't want to live with the regret of not trying he knew that would haunt him for the rest of his life so at the end the day you have to do what's best for you what's in your heart and if you want to learn the basics start by doing a part-time start with running your own company part-time or going to work for another company who's doing exactly what you want to do and model their success belief for those watching thumbs up below thank you guys so much and makes you want to do more blogs for you and leave a comment let me know what you think you have a problem with your business you have a question leave it below and I'll make a blog phonce just like this thank you so much I'll see you soon

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