Art Of Prospecting, Sales Training - 2 

 Today we gonna to talk about art of prospecting most of the time we get call or guys they waste our time,we think of that he may buy our product but they don't and ultimately waste out time so we need to understand if the guy is our prospect or not first is we did not to sell a product which is not required by that guy you did not have to waste time so in straight line persuasion we have 4 levels of prospects level one is the guy who get's converted quickly you need a toothpaste and you like patanjali,so you will just go and buy it straight froward,this is level one in level 2 you need a toothpaste,but you didn't know which one to buy so you go,find the best for you,and do a lot of research in 3rd,your toothpaste just about to end and you moved out for the research of the new toothpaste it's pro's and con's,basically you are not buying it in rare case you may buy i 4th stage is you are just looking and analyzing the products oh ramdev has launched a new product,what's new about iI and all that so we need to identify in starting which type of guy is so how we will identify it,by it's body language I had made a lot of article on this,I will add on the i button,you can learn the principals so via body language you can know if he is interested or not if he is at level one then it will convert automatically in level 2 he will research first and will buy and if he is talking too much then you need to avoid it,as there are come under level 3 and 4 so ideally if you want to optimize your time as a salesman they had a daily target of selling Rs 1 lakhs products,talk to 10 people so if you want to achieve your target and but it your are wasting your time in level 3 and 4 people then you won't be able to achieve it in level 2 people have a barrier may be of knowledge or financial barrier or trust so if you remove the barrier then it will automatically convert to level 2 tal's talk about my institute,I had a 12 seats for the student,but now I am making it to a 50 seats classroom because of huge demand and now how many will be of level one student,let's take 10 the time

 I will announce they will join us and the 20 seats will be of level 2,they may call us and will ask institute related questions,everything in detail so 20 are of level 2 and the next 20 are of level 3 or 4 so what should do so for that I will be targeting the untap market,which I haven't targeted so I am combing the digital marketing series too,so what we can do is to fill the remaining seats we can do digital marking I can have a pamflet,facebook campaign,goole campaign local marking via pamflet,whatsapp banner marketing or a referral program,my old student will find one and in return we will be providing 10% commission this is internal marketing or I can run a free seminar,promoting my institute so here most of the people will come from local areas most of one will don't know me but had the idea of digital marketing so I will have a 50 people seminar and will do a 10 seminars,by this I will make a 500 people reach so out of that most of them will understand my teaching and from there I can convert them to level 2 or 1 so different place have different conversion rate let's assume 2% conversion rate so based on that I need to approach to 1000 people to fill up my 20 seats and that depends on me how I will fill up the seats like banner,social media marketing,seminars,daily 10 seminars to fill up my seats now I will tell you 3 sells rule,by doing this your sells will increase drastically 1st is the guy need to be enthuiastic if he is dull then he won't be able to do sales 2nd is he must to be straight forward we talked about straight line persuasion, means he must no distract,to the point if he is distracting then he is in level 3 or 4 so eliminate it 3rd point is you need to put an authority that I have a keen knowledge in this field in seminars people are believing me that he has the knowledge of that particular field you can see my energy and I talk to the point so from here my sales rate will increase our 2% conversion rate may increase to 10% one more thing,a guy can analise 1/24 of a second in his first meet about his energy,way of talking,knowledge

if my appearance will be like of fukrey,coloured hair and talk to you you at once come to know this guy is useless other one with well dressed,you must say this is a nice guy if normal,then his is normal personality if a guy proteying like a common people,then he is a common guy so there is different-different strategies and you need to act accordingly while in phone,they can't see you so lets play a game I will bank the screen and I will be talking in 3 types and you need to tell me which one is best hello sir I am sahil from yugen chemicals we work for chemicals in soy lecithin,take my chemical next is hi sir this is kartikeya tyagi from yugen chemicals we have soy lecithin and you have a requirement can you provide me your email id I will be providing you at the best price give us one chance I am providing you our company profile hello sir I am sahil from yugen chemical we do chemical work in soy lecithin do you work give us one chance and buy our product yes sir now you tell me which one guy you will choose you can analyze people via it's name if someone says chinna swamy aiyar swami aiyar via it's name you can analyze it's dress,name and personality if someone says sahil khan,then you will protey based on that my name is kartikeya tyagi,then you will protey based on that,this is a problem in our country or may be all over so we can exploit by proteying something else,like hi sir I am rechard calling from bla...BLA...bla... so here you may analyze based on that if talked same in different tone then you may analyze based on that so you need to analyze your target audience and need to protey based on that in coming series we will be talking about pitching,how you can pitching you customer in phone a guy can analyze you in just 4 second in article

 I can show my face,body language,I can talk in my way and this make your conversion rate fast but in phone you can't do this,you way of talking works there your intonation,I am using few words on loud while few in soft so this is the article homework is,one is calculate your target,do it based on your business what is my daily target if my target is Rs 1000 then how many calls to I need to do most of you said we are at level 1 in last article so take the conversion rate based on that and do try to take initiative by taking calls or by meeting so that when we head forward then you must be knowing your mistake and faults next is find your bottle neck,you weak point in your process if he is at level 1,level 2 then how I will be taking level 2 guy to 1 how can I rectify is problem I need to gaind all the knowledge of that service,so that I can protey myself as a leader so this is the work for this week do like and share and start selling now if you got it then you can too sell my channel hope you liked the article target is 1000 likes this time too 1000 likes next time I will be increasing my target buy goodnight,good morning whenever you are watching the article

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