Art Of Selling, Sales Training - 1

so let's start so what is selling? It does not means to sell our product.first we need to identify the need and make that product available and then sell it to the relevent customer in this there is a small term barrier due to this product are not sold,so we need to understand this and try to overcome that barrier so what may be the barrier if I will buy a product then it may harm me lack of awareness we don't know about our product lack of knowledge about do I really need this product lack of trust about the originality of the product who is selling and who is not,all these things so selling is an art where you sell a product based on someone need and not irrelevant selling and you remove it's barrier this course is inspired by Jordan Belfort it's course price is 2000 dollar and I am providing you this for free and explaining you based on today's market so what they say is straight line persuasion means we need to do our selling line process in a straight line means starting is zero and lastly we sold our product so we need to promise a customer to take them from zero to wonderland that is you need this product,so just try it and it will change your life what do they say is relationship marketing useless as I has already made a article on relationship marketing and you too heard from company I feel amazed,but when I understand there concept I felt they are wright so basically in relationship marketing we make relation among yourself we make friend,convince and the we sell the product to increase our conversation rate but we do a small mistake here we make our sale cycle too big means if I want to sell a product then it will take almost 25-30 days i will continuously try to convince them please buy then it will sell and next time too but if I trust my product and if I sold a product to someone then it will automatically come to my relationship if someone wants to buy a product and I sold to him lets take 2 cases,in one I am just wasting my time just trying to sell wasting my 30 days and in that 30 days I can target 10,12,15 clients and in second one where I do a aggressive selling where I work based on target,where I sell a product in this there is no relationship where I am selling the product based on person need and if he finds my product good and it satisfy it's need then I will automatically make my relationship partner but in 2nd case I continuously tried to sell the product almost for 30 days still he did not buy it,if he bought too and did not liked the product then whose name got involved is mine all my 30 days is waste here

I can contact 10-15 people regularly and if 1-2 customer may buy then my conversion rate will be too high ratio may be less in relationship over a one month if you are pitching to 10 people then it may convert to 5 to 4 but here you are contacting to 100 people if you get 5% of conversation then also you will be getting much more so in this course you will learn sell second is confidence level will boost much more,you have seen many times some people get any things from there life they get it any how they are known as influencer and research say that they are only 5% in the world so I will try to give you a work and if you blindly follow it then while trusting me and you too then you may be come under 5% people so who's is the course for the one who want's to earn more money the one who wants to go tip on their business if your not hungry too much then this course isn't for you may be you don't like too if you want to earn and achieve more then is course for you,next is opportunity,do take the advantage of the opportunity you are getting this does not mean if poor customer approaches you then you won't sell to the fact is if he requires then why should not I sell him if this is your thinking then it is good 3rs is if you think sells is evil then this course is not for you here we will learn how to influence people and sell the product in digital marketing I had explained you a lot about selling concept but in this series I will target physically one thing keep in mind never to preserise anyone for any process like do this you will get this he may not want this product but I am insisting him continuously this is wrong if you are preserising him then you are evil one this more is random conversation vs goal conversion means in random I will be approaching to the customer and try to sell him and relevant talks here you wasted your time alot in old times shopes selling technique is like this only hay brother sit,eat and all that but there is no conversation on it you may have a relationship and waste time more but one with focus,like what you want this is the cost and all that in this the convertion rate is more I am not saying not to make relationship trust and all that you need to do all that but not to waste time like have a tea,drink and all that you are boasting about yourself you need to do nothing just sell your product so that you will know your customer next break is what are all the process,you need to keep 3 points in mind while selling,jordan belfort says that 3 things are there in straight line persuasion 1st is gaining the trust and how when we will tell our customer that we are expert when we will be able to prove it and to prove it we need not to preserise customer.

 when I started digital marketing institute and I announced it,and the seats got filled did I prove it,not because I had already made a article where I explained you everything and people feel that I have knowledge and I am able to explain you nicely,so if I will open a institute and I will be teaching then it will be nice next is mistake is talking too much and asking less so you need to gather the information take more and more knowledge so you need to ask them there need so that you can understand it and pitch it properly like sir this is the fault in your life and this product can solve this problem 3rd is not to get distracted straight line means when you talk to your customer to take him to a wonderland in starting while gaining trust gain you may get distracted by line and when you take the information you may more get distracted but you did not need to get disteact your customer and make the customer come to the line and need to tell your customer that sir we are talking about this product so with this there will be reduction in time loss most of the business associate you will see that who does a good relationship and your friend too but when he comes to our working our then we say that now he will waste my time while if sells person comes to you and tries to make relationship with you then you say why you are wasting our time but when a sales person comes to you and talks to the point want or not ideally we want to sell if not want to buy then sak a feedback,how to resolve it and then it goes from there so you may next time too can ask him for the sale next break is then we will talk about learning process how customer learns things it has 4 parts,1st is unconscious incompetence,means if I will teach you digital marketing and if you don't know what is digital marketing ,if I will teach you sals and you don't know what is sales and you don't know about it and you know you are not incompetent so this is 1st level next is you get conscious and incompetent means who now think ooo,this all things comes under sales,ah I did not knew about digital marketing,web-development so here you get conscious about not knowing all this and you start getting to learn these 3rd is you get conscious and do things so here comes is conscious competency so here you are conscious but confident,in young age we tie you shoe lase so we are conscious there,but if someone distract us then it get's difficult in starting you get to know how to drive a bike,cycle so when you having a focus on the road then you drive it nicely and while getting distracted you fall down,this is 3rd level 4th level is where you need not to think something is happening so 4th level is unconscious competence so you need to understand these things on sales level so when you practice in front of the mirror then then your sales conversion rate will tend to increase too fast so may be as a sales man what is your level,do identify it is your 1st level or 2nd,you know what is sales and what all things you don't know or you know how to do sales after watching 2-3 articles you will get to know that you have reached 3rd level and you are selling having being conscious and if you being conscious then you won't be able to sale we will try in this 3 month course to take our sales skills to the top level our level must be like that,anything we could sell next thing in series and in life,if you want to be a successful then do follow these rules 1st is commitment 100% do work in 100% else no I will give my best I will not sleep and work so if you think like this then you will learn and achieve too if you give excuse our country economy got down I don't have money,whatever these all get you to be a failure 3rd is be honest to yourself everyone knows about their business whether it will run or not do rate below in the comment between 1 to 10 about your sales level what is your level,is it 1,2,3 be honest and comment below in every article do rate yourself do define your goals what I wanna to do in this 3 month currently I have a 10 sales of my product and want to reach to 100 do talk realistic its jordan belfort they play a game what you do is hands up as much you can,now put your phone below and do ok most of you will do like this then again they say,take more up and now its like this so he said then the same thing and now too most of the time they take upto this much because it's his comfort level so you need to take first yo your comfort level we will move slowly-slowly so decide you level and goal and start taking action from now anytime watching my article,start after that one thing more is decide your why,why do I need to do this course and what benefits I will be getting from it so this is all about the series may be 10-12 articles on this series our article will be like this only of 16-17 mins,plus ads after every end of the chapter there will be ads so that you and I both get the benefits I could have created this course in udemy because my production quality has increased and I want all of you to follow this course and please do share it people you think must need this course do share it your life will change after this 10 chapter,this is my guarantee and may be I would invite one of you between these course for free workshop where we do free workshop for free I can't guarantee,if I will get a good response the task I am giving are being done and people are having a requirement where we can do 1 to 1 interaction then I will definitely do it so with this our article ends here,hope you liked the article do comment below,like and share and wirel it and do like,after 1000 likes only the next article will come if till next monday if we won't receive 1000 likes then the article will not come because I too want to see how many of you are actively participating on it I see good number of likes but now I want to play on target like todays target is 10000 likes so I hope I will be talking these 1000 likes till the end of the series buy good night,shabba khair,khudaya fish good morning,good afternoon whenever you are watching

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