Become Visionary and Body Language,  Sales Training - 4 

Today we gonna to discuss chapter 4,how to became a visionary have to increase one on one body language so that we can improve our sales this is straight line persuasion 4th part,you can see the previous one in the i button one more thing a guy never buys a goal,rather he buys a vision let's understand,now what is your age 24,25,30 whatever and your dream is to be a rich man and only 10% of you gonna to become a rich,why this happens? some of you wanna to be a rich in the age of 25-30 but till 60 you won't be that because they don't have a vision so only 10% guys have a visition and the rest 90% follow there vision so someone buys a product based on its need and looking there visition so ultimately how much he may gonna to get the benefit of its product if he may buy you fair and handsome cream then he may get bright skin or if he may buy a beard oil then he may have a nice beard,so this is a long vision so we need to trigger that thing,so now I will be gonna to share with you a motivational talk so one thing is goal and the other is vision he have a goal to became a rich but only 10% do that because of no vision vision is long race hose thinking so to make my institute and when I gonna to expand I need to do this and that plus our thoughts, like should I do or not,I think I must try it so if all these thoughts are being in your mind then you are not visionary always

I wanna to do it,I wanna to achieve it,I will do it any cost if I may do it comes in your mind then you may have a goal but I will have a 1000 like and I can do it,so there is a difference in these sentances so now you got it if you are visionary or not so do not have to get panic,you just need to change your thought process so this is all just a thought process we think of to go to a gym and change everything but visionary people think of long tough process like I will maintain a normal diet and have a gym for a short time as I have alot of work but I will work constantly for 2-3 work and you will gonna to get result automatically,lets come to the tropic lets understand greed it is nothing but attraction to something in sales too greed a wrong thing so we need to be a nice guy,we need to provide the product according to their need so greed is destructive,so good is ambition my ambition is to sell the product but not be a greedy guy I won't sell a product uselessly now I keep on experimenting on all the products,so I made a network marketing article in that we sell vision sir if you join us then you can earn this much if you see any product of long ads where we spend more,there you can see a long race vision today you saved Rs 10 and after 1 year this much and after 10 years and in 20 years this much so now you can pay your children fee and go to a Europe tour so this is a visionary way to sell a product and this brings alot of conversation rate if I tell you this product will be affecting in a long term way,so there is a must chance to get the conversation how?

 I told you 3 things,1st is sharpest attack must be to the tropic and be confident and the one get trust as he has the knowledge in this product so if I will show him the vision then he will trust me and will get a trust on me,plus I show then how knowledgeable I am so if we satisfy all the 3 rules and have the customer in straight line persuasion then our product automatically sell out one more thing,he must love you,he must love your product and love for your company,all 3 thing then only he may buy so 1st he will gain your trust,then your company and then your product so we need to complete all the 3 things to the customer and to bring him in a trust zone so for the vision there is a one more point in it,if you had a fight with someone then and I could fight with other guys too and I also could transfer all the negativity to that other guy we transfer your thought process to other guy this way so so while selling we need to make the customer mind like our's and that phase is what brings conversation to you let's come to the body language in phone we understand that your voice,tone matters in the last article I tough you about body language,so let's understand now 1st is look matters look must be confident look at my face normal you can see light in my eyes and my confident face ideally I would have a clean shave but clean shave does not suits me so basically you need to groom that best suits you you hair too which suits you I did wear t-shirt because of a reason,so I did like to ask you a question do you look me like a brother or a teacher so I am putting the pole above do tell me,and do comment also,as I want to make a change on it I wear a t-shirt because I have a reason in sales if you want to gain a trust then you see people wear full slave shirts and with higher level salesman wear coat if you go to buy a car then you see them wearing coat as they wanna to gain a trust people think of him as a professional in cloth too colors do metter if you wear blue or white in inner then you get more conversion in black you look dynamic so blue,dark blue and black for both man and women next is eye contact you must have a eye contact in 80-20 rule,means you need to talk to the guy looking them in 80% if you do more then he may have a wrong feeling for you it may goes wrong with female she may get offend and may not buy your product,same goes for men so in 80-20 rule according to the research if you look less than 70% then the customer thinks he has a lack of confident if you aren't confident then you can't get trust and with this you can't sell the product let's talk about handshake you must have a confident handshake so what is the definition of confident handshake you must cover the area you must have a good grip also you don't have to shake smooth nor hard so you need to have a normal handshake and move your hand likethis so with this we come into a same energy,according to research may be between 1970-1980 what has happen lets talk so basically if we copy a guy movement,like hand anything then we trigger their subconscious mind and that guy start liking us he start trusting us according to research so this technique is matching and mirroring also you need to act accordingly and not make him uncomfortable

 so we need to act subconsciously so we gonna to act smartly so this is the small strategy which is matching and mirroring if you do this then it will trigger in your subconscious mind and two more thing,if you want to sell a product then you need to do 2 things most of the guy buy products emotionally but the is a logical factor too so you need to be logical and emotional so by emotional we will gain the trust and by logical being sensible so sir if you wanna to buy this then why you want this? advantages to buy it,why should you buy this,it is good or bad so we need to tell the customer its pros and cons too we need to cheat the customer like if you play with this mouse then you will gonna to win a chickendinner so the guy won't win it as he does not have that skill so you did not have to use these technique in a wrong way so do in a right way one last thing if you are talking to a boy then don't stand in a straight line,stand diagonally while with girls you need to infront of and by default I think you have a good grooming and not in underwear you are staring at her countanoulsly with this she may go away from your product so all things must be in place hope you liked the article hope you commenting below and like and share also you must be recommending your friends about the series selling from the heart,should I change the name do comment below I wanna to make a 11-12 series article where we have a best selling detailed article in this industry buy good night,good morning,good afternoon whenever you are reading

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