Business proposals, what should be included in a business proposal

 overview reports and proposals are the most important form of written communication if we say the success of any business depends on reports and proposals it will not be wrong timely and accurate information always helped the management and decision making process that can only be generated through reports where a proposal also helps the decision-makers to track the business in right directions this unit explains in detail the importance of reports and proposals in business objectives after studying this unit you will be able to prepare reports and proposals explain the different types of reports and tell the significance of reports and proposals in the business world introduction to reports report is the form of written communication in business written reports provide information for the management to form judgments and make decisions a business report is an orderly presentation and an objective communication of factual information which serves some business purposes an orderly presentation of report requires careful presentation by objective we mean that it should be unbiased an objective does not mean that it should be persuasive but it means that the approach should be based on facts in short report is factual information it puts ideas in concrete form brings together pertinent information focuses attention and stimulates action it is based on facts not on fictions from the writers point of view reports serve as the evidence of work done they are therefore an especially important means of expression and recognition for anyone whose work is largely meditative supervisory administrative or advice intangible reports travel all around they move upwards to managers and policy makers downwards to give instruction guidance and policy outward to shareholders customers government officials and general public reports may be written or oral of course significant reports are always written functions of a business report a this report performs various functions to help business executives some of these functions are a report helps to understand the problem it explains the weakness strengths and difficulties the company is facing it provides important facts and data it helps the management to take sound and correct decision it helps the management to design policies programs and procedures it may be used for training development and research reports very often suggest remedies or solutions of problems reports are useful for overall improvement and business activities reports provide feasibility of project or product or service reports help in forming an objective thinking qualities of well-written reports for business report must observe all the principles of good written communication thus the quality of the report depends on the accomplishment of completeness conciseness correctness concreteness clarity consideration and courtesy besides these qualities a good report should have these characteristics appropriateness a good report must be appropriate to the situation it should be relevant and adopted to the readers needs utility a report is valued

on the basis of its usefulness it's utility lies in a better and finer decision reliability should serve the purpose for which it is written it should help in overcoming the difficulty and solving the problems types of report business reports are classified as short and informal reports long and formal reports short and informal reports the short report may be a brief statement of facts presented on a single page or it may run into a number of pages it is generally written by people working within the firm so it is personal and informal in style it may be submitted in these formats letter report memorandum report and printed form report people working in the firm have to submit daily weekly or monthly reports about progress of work suggestions problems and special assignments these short and informal reports generally adopt this organizational plan terms of reference in negation procedure adopted findings and its interpretation recommendations if any in order to see sample reports please consult the reference notes long and formal report formal reports being comparatively larger in size and complex in nature are generally prepared by experts or specialists these are problem solving or question answering reports management needs these reports to overcome problems to make future planning and to take serious decisions having far-reaching effect on the business prospect of the company costly decisions are based on such reports more particularly if a feasibility is prepared to keep a formal report readable and easily comprehend able it must be organized in a proper manner generally a formal report is organized on this pattern a loofah tree parts to the fly title page letter of authorization letter of acceptance letter of transmittal table of contents synopsis or abstract be body of the report introduction text terminal section which includes conclusions and recommendations see supplementary parts appendix bibliography glossary or index reports title fly or title page as these two contain almost the same information often only the title page is used sometimes a title fly is also used title fly or title page is the cover of the report containing this information of the report the name of the receiver of the report the name of the author and the date of submission the title should be short interesting and informative letter of raishin title fly or title page is followed by a number of letters the first being the authorization letter it is written by the initiator of the report writing process to the author making the offer and setting down the terms and conditions for writing the report including the date of submission of acceptance it is the second letter placed in the report it is written by the writer of the report to the initiator accepting the offer with thanks and informing him how the writer proposes to accomplish the assignment letter of transmittal third letter in sequence it is written by the author of the report to the initiator of the report in this letter the writer of the report tells the initiator how the assignment has been accomplished Table of Contents to enable the reader to know the organization plan of the report at a glance table of contents also helps the reader find out the particular chapter or topic of his interest in case of a really long report table of content is very useful synopsis or summary abstract a synopsis or abstract as written after completing the report but is placed in the periphery tree section after going through this part reading and comprehension of report becomes easier for the reader body of report body of the report is the heart of the report it is the main part of the report where the writer has to show his worse like any good composition it must have an introduction of text and conclusion in the introduction the writer has to introduce the problem or situation discuss his investigation procedure

 The text should be divided into suitable sections and chapters statements in the text should be supported with facts and figures if visual aids are used in the report these should be given suitable caption and placed close to the textual reference solution of the problem should be discussed in detail if recommendations be made these should be objective unbiased and free from personal prejudices of the writer the writer should include suggestion supplementary parts appendix it is an important element in the supplementary section it includes tabulations newspaper clippings copies of interviews statistical data relevant to the reports appendix relieves the text from all these lengthy details bibliography it contains the list of sources of information with acknowledgement and thanks including of course the names of the books or articles authors or writers or year of publication publisher etc index of glossary technical terminologies are often used in reports index or glossary may contain difficult words with their meaning and explanation introduction to proposals the word proposal comes from proposed which means suggestion proposal is a kind of suggestion to the solution of a problem it is a written plan from the proposal to the organization facing the respective problem the proposal provides the organization with the complete detail of the problem its background and the procedures to solve the stated problem these proposals may be solicited and unsolicited being a proposal you have to clearly explain the problem first such that the reader could have the idea that you can solve the problem well as you better understand the problem this may draw a good impression of proposal you seek to get your reader to do something to get your written plan for completing a task so you as a proposal have to be very careful about the presentation of the proposal the simplicity of procedures to complete the task and the budget of the services provided to solve the problem as Murphy says the presentation lies at the heart of proposal writing the structure of the proposal you write rarely matters a lot whether the report is a long proposal or a memo you may write internal proposals suggestions that your department can do a good job of completing a project or accomplishing a task for another department you and your company have to go outside submitting a bed that you are qualified to do something for someone thus the proposal is similar to the recommendation justification report both aim to solve a problem alter a procedure find answer to questions offer advice and services or conduct research on a topic of interest to both parties kinds of proposals there are two kinds of proposals research proposals research proposals a research proposal is usually academic in nature this is not practical it is based on study or an assumption one thing that is common in both proposals is the problem which has explained before starting a research or writing a procedure to solve the problem most of the research proposals are submitted by the academic institutions business proposals business proposals may be solicited or unsolicited most of the firms know about the individuals and corporations that are qualified to help solve the problem so the requests for the proposals are through males or the newspapers when writing a solicited proposal you may have to be more careful as there is more competition involved pay more attention to the requirements of the solicitor's the problem should be explained clearly the procedures should be short and simple you should understand the needed solution well specific work to be done or the equipment to be installed even the format of the proposal number of the copies desired deadlines budget of the services and also the team of the proposals to solve the required problem business proposals might be unsolicited in these proposals you have to convince the evaluation committee that you and your firm are qualified to solve this problem successfully parts of the proposals these are the parts of a proposal whether it is a research proposal or a business proposal title page executive summary draft contract the of contents introduction background procedures equipment and facilities personnel budget and appendices title page proposals is almost similar to the title pages of the short and long reports this page includes the date title name of the person or company to whom this proposal is submitted name of the person or company submitting the proposals this will make easy for the reader to keep in mind the topic and then evaluate it against its title executive summary sometimes when an executive is busy he requires a condensed concise accurate statement of what is important in the report usually it contains one or two pages of the whole report the busy manager and even those tangentially interested after scanning it can determine whether they want to read further draft contract a draft contract may help the reader to offer a counteroffer it will help him in estimating the budget figures for the problem solution in that way a good impression can be drawn over evaluation committee table of contents long proposals require table of contents this will help the reader choose the required topic he is interested in and come to the page he wants to read this will also draw a good impression on the reader introduction should be in the introduction of the proposal this will help reader better understand the point of view of the proposal then the problem should be explained clearly the project team should also be introduced including the project director their qualifications and experience will draw good impression over the readers background in long reports the background is a must the background of the problem should be discussed with the suggestions to solve the problem in this proposal should quote the examples of problems solved in the past related to the topic the research work and literature on the given topic should be included in the background seizure procedure of the problem solution will be an interesting thing for the reader so it should be narrated in a simple manner there should be no exaggeration in it equipment and facilities if you have solved that sort of problem before then it will be quite easy for you to give the detail of facilities and equipment required to complete the task coat all the equipment you have to solve this problem and also show that you can easily get any other required equipment for the solution of the task personnel complete information about the individuals involved in that project will make it easy for your reader to select your proposal high qualifications and experiences will draw good impression over the readers the budget might be the most important thing for the reader after the explanation of the procedures comparatively low budget will make evaluation committee select your proposal the tabular form should be selected for the budget with the column of explanation of each budget entity appendix examples visual aid and some pertinent letters of support should be included in the end but the exaggerations are forbidden here these may cause a negative impression over the readers are normally for short-term tasks or projects these are normally informal in this kind of proposal we find these three parts letter of transmittal executive summary and body of the proposal in the letter of transmittal the proposer gives its name address date of the submission and solution for the reader in the first paragraph after solution you have to be thankful to the reader for asking you for the proposal you try to convince the evaluator by showing your competence and other strengths to solve that specific problem in the executive summary you have to include the purpose of the proposal the explanation of the problem and suggestions to solve this problem then the scope of your proposal this is better to narrate the boundaries of your research work for the solution of the task then the project team should also be introduced and experiences of the individuals in rated clearly then comes the body of proposal in this section you show the scope of services default contracts financial details and similar project laborers comparisons the information about the equipment and facilities are also required in the end large proposals the large proposals are quite formal in nature these include all the parts we have discussed earlier puzzles are for long-term projects with heavy budget and large project teams these projects are completed in months or years and the amount goes in millions or billions of rupees these proposals are against the requests for these proposals the organization's or government inform the qualifying firms to solve the problem through newspapers and other print media the soliciting company reviews all the proposals from the firms and select the best considering all major options for the solution of the problem then these selected firms are asked to give detailed procedures and budgets for the completion of tasks the firm's those send proposal have to be careful about the general appearance of the proposal its neatness specific appearance title completeness and professionalism

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