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It doesn't matter how much skills you have or how talented you are but if you don't know English So you won't get a good job and respect in society, in your family or among your relatives. Even your girlfriend will think you are dumb Its the reality of our country that people judge others on behalf of their English language. But this thing has started from MNC's which are multinational companies they required those employees who know how to speak English For example, you are a coder but your client is from foreign countries so you should know how to speak English so you will be easily able to talk to him So this is the main point behind the importance of English but now even local companies want those employees who know English or even nowadays people also talks in English with their friends to look cool But personally, those boys who belong to a middle-class family they face so much of problem in English because they don't have a right partner to talk with in English We can write English easily but when it comes to speaking then we start to stutter But why this thing happen? Because we didn't practice enough and if we talk about those people who can fluently speak English because they do a lot of practice or if we start to talk in English among our friend circle then they will be treated in a strange way So today this case study blog is about that company who is solving this problem. I have given a long introduction because I want you to know what exactly the problem is The company name is Cambly and through this application, you can talk to someone in the english language who won't judge you Basically, people in India usually judge us whenever we say something wrong in English But through Cambly we are talking to a native English speaker The kids of Englishman always knows how to speak English, in fact, he didn't take any classes for it. The reason is their upbringing. If your parents know a specific language than ultimately you will learn that language without putting any extra efforts Cambly is also solving the same problem There were two friends who went to Argentina And when they are coming back they realized that they started to speak Spanish fluently But why it happens? Because in Argentina they didn't have any other option rather than trying to speak Spanish

So you will gain great command over the language by keep practicing it So after coming back to the home, they thought of creating a platform for this So they both started this venture and then in a startup investment event they got funding from the big investors of silicon valley I wasn't able to find the exact data so all the information was directly given by the company and all the data is authentic but they didn't reveal the exact numbers Asian countries are the biggest market for this company In Asia, this company is growing by ten times In japan, they achieved more than a hundred time growth But why this happens because the company wants to develop people of Japan as well as people of our country So let's talk about how this thing works In application, there's a person sitting in the USA or from anywhere else and we can choose anyone freely and talk to him one to one through a blog call Now I will talk to him for a specific time period like 15min, 30min or an hour and along with that I can also record our conversation to know where we mistake So this is also a beneficial point of this application if anyone comes to teach you so he/she won't come for free So now let's try to understand their business model I also tried to register myself with them as a trainer so they will give me $10.20/hour So you will get this amount of money per hour by teaching others through this platform I also did the calculation to know how much they will charge from us. So they will charge $10.20 from us and they left with 0.30 cents as a profit margin if someone talks to a teacher for an hour And they use this profit in their app development, marketing cost, salaries of employees and other expenses So they are operating in a very low margin and there are high chances they might face loss in the starting Like I just talked to them and tell them I am making a case study on your company so can you offer some discounts to our audience? So they offered me a 30% discount coupon and in the description box I will drop that coupon link so you can also use that Now they will give you a 30% discount which means around $3 but by giving discounts in this way they will be at a loss But why they are facing the loss? Because of life time customer value They trust in their product and they know that many customers will keep coming back to us and automatically revenue will be going up In starting they will you discounts but then once you will get to know about the importance o this application then you will become a permanent consumer Now let's talk about pricing whether they are expensive or not If I go to any professional English coaching center So you will also get charged for a good amount of money there And the problem there is you will talk to that person who's completely like you The teacher just correct your minimal mistakes and they try to create an English speaking environment You will study in a group and in this application, you will talk to one on one And according to me, they are giving a less amount of money to the trainers If any of your friends live in abroad so ask them how much money they get paid for an hour after working in restaurants or MacDonalds They pay only $10 per hour People in our country thinks 500/hour is a good amount of money But if we think logically then they carn more than that by doing something else. You will also find some trained professionals over this application Even they have the competitors and some of them are providing free services There are several applications but in those applications, you will find bot who will teach you or correct you whenever you make mistakes But the problem is no one real person is available over those applications. In Cambly you will talk to a real person who is an expert If you also join a coaching center then you will also do some extra expenses on food, rent or etc so you should also add this amount of money on the total cost of learning from a center. So according to me the price they are charging is worth to the service they are offering They are still in the loss but still if they try to reduce the price so they will have to reduce the payments to the teachers and at the end, nothing will come to the company I have seen one point that big Asian countries are spending a lot of money on these kinds of application because people of those countries want to develop themselves They want to be a big man that's why they are working on themselves Till yet I have also spent lakhs of rupees in buying courses for my self-development This is also a process of self-development So according to me if you have some money and you want to develop yourself so you should definitely buy this application So Now I will show you how we can talk to English speakers through this application So how was the blog? Tell us in the comment and like the blog and share it. Good morning and good night whenever you are watching this blog

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