Mindset For Selling, Sales Training - 5

Past is not a mistake,it's an opportunity most of the time unsuccessful guy regret based on the past dude I did not did this in the past,if I had done it then it would have been something else. so the one who focussed m,ore on regrets are more prone to unsuccessful we need to do that thing which other one doesn't,if we do that then we will achieve day after tomorrow means we need to do that thing which will gonna to give the result at the end most of the guy want to do something but they don't as they only think of it most of them ask me to start up a website and I suggest then to start it so we need to do that thing which will take us to a long term goal long term goal means we want to be a big blogger then you need to start it today because no one is doing that one more thing struggling is important for life,people switch there work as it has a lot of struggle answer me this whose like is good,a rich guy or a poor guy most of them think that rich guy has no problem but this is a myth,as with the advent of money there are a lot of problems arises,as they need to do this and that all things in my case when I started y website,I did not have to do anything,as I did not had any liability but now a have a liability and ,

I know who is watching me,and I do check the article 2-3 times before the publish if you did not want to get the top most position then it's ok what newton has said that a body will remain in motion unless an external force is applied to stop it means something in motion then it will continue to move and if we are on a negative path then it will tend to move on unless we won't put an external force and think of to change our life,thing will gonna to change automatically because I applied an external force in the right direction researched to say that people with negative thought concentrate more on negative thing and I feel pity on them for example I uploaded a blog on pizza on my other channel and 99% of them commented me a negative all of them are just giving me a fault but if you see my like and dislike ratio then you will find that like ratio is far better then the dislike ratio dislike is less than 10% and negative comment is 99% so how that those whose mideset is positive they don't comment and the one with negative comment all over positive mindset will tell nice article,but with the negative guy,they will search one mistake to make it a big issue so they will always pick up a negative word and that's why they fail due to their negativity we need to find the solution and not the problem,how I will move to a wright path we need not to thing if I had done cs rather than chemical engineering in the past then it would have been better so what's the need of all this thing most of you thinking of it so in the last article I said that when we interact with someone then we transfer our mindset to them when we are angry then we transfer it to someone and if I am happy then it won't matter me anything and when I am sad then a small negative word gets hurt me all this is mindset game,if we have a positive mindset then we could be a good salesman so in a salesman life there is ups and downs as you can achieve your target in a day or it may take weeks or months so in this we need not have to destroy our lifestyle if sell is not up to the mark and a guy calls me and I put all the negativity to them abuse them or anything this is due to negativity in our mind,so we can train our brain by talking positive things and avoiding the negative thoughts I like the song "koi hero yahan,koi zero yahan" and so I had my ringtone too so when the ringtone rings I would be able to give my 100% so if you want to copy than do it now how our brain works 1st thing it does is delete,means if the thing is not important then it deletes it 2nd it generalise it,if I am wearing a good cloth,you can see the rolex watch,so I am rich expensive car,pants emplies richness that is way salesman advised to wear coat pant,as people generalise it easily we generalise based on hair, glasses,perfume,body and all that so I did told you in the last article that you have to work on body,cloth,looks because of this let's take an example,in our room how many things are in white in colour,you have only 5 min now close your eyes and imagine all the black objects you must be getting something,now imagine white and red objects if you remember you only remember only one color most of the red objects you did not remembered as your brain deleted it so like this we need to manipulate people if a seller goes to a customer then he has a fear in his mind that he may not buy my product why he may not buy the product? so this fear in the customer mind we need to delete it next thing is distort,means we need to mislead his vision and need to put our product proteying that our product is your solution so distorting is important too,well these are the 3 important techniques in salles next thing is fear,how to overcome this? sometimes we did not achieve our target and started to get fear of it we need alot of thing,fees of children and many different problems so how to eliminate the fear? 

1st is to ignore the fear,but to the fact that it is not a good solution these come under unsuccessful guys because they are moving away from it 2nd is they are getting feared but they are acting on it in my engineering times I used to sing,and while in stage I used to shiver alot but I used to take action on it and 3rd is by jorden welford,you need to accept you fear and then take the action if I will sing bad then it won't decide my future or I may get rich or may be I lose in a competition,then it does not matter,I would try for the next if I am not getting my sales target today then I could make it by tomorrow why I not achieved it today,I need to analyze it,accept it and act on it now you need to achieve you goal and you need to have a 10 skills,and currently how much skills do you have you may have 7 skills or vise versa,so this skill is known as aukat check before doing your work you need to check your level of skills and act based on that if you have 8-9 skills out of 10 then you will get confident to sell a product and ultimately you will get the conversion so lets play a competition,the winner will come to my website this is 60 day challenge you need to sat a target to achieve ibn 60 days make a goal on sales or life next is do wright the skills required for the goal skills I know and don't know whom I will be meeting and doing,do I need a special training or not,if yes then from where and you need to act on it so in 60 days the one who will achieve it will be the winner do remember to set your goal highest as possible,doing this you may come up to expectation because if you did not set a point then you will end up like a average,and no one knows you as a average people remembers only the top one and not the average now thing and wright on paper and put in the comment section and if you archive it in 60 days then do mail me at intellectualindies@gmail.com as I completed this target and now I am with this achievement in the last article one has said me to give you a target,now this is your target,if you want you can do it and too you may come here and discuss you business if you have a one after 2 months this channel may has grown more reach and if you came here and pitch you business then there is a chance of more conversation and I will too give you a input with this our article ends here,do like,share and subscribe buy good night,good morning,afternoon whenever you are reading

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