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Today, we will talk about online reputation management what is the meaning of ORM? Some people think that it is social listening Social listening means to see what people are saying on my FB page and reply to them Few people also think that this thing is related to news and television ORM means how we treat all those people who buy our product and it doesn't matter they are satisfied or not If someone is happy from our product we will say thank you to him and if someone is not then we won't say anything bad or disrespectful because it can lead to negative marketing of our brand People will start talking bad about our brand and ultimately our brand value will decrease Recently, Sonakshi Sinha ordered headphones from amazon and she gets a leaf along with that so she wrote a tweet to them and them amazon replied to her So this is the part of online reputation management Online reputation management can make the brand or destroy any brand overnight Now, let's try to understand in depth what it is and how to use it I will tell you on behalf of my personal experience. I have two blog one is and the second one is factspot99. So I got many bad comments on that blog so I will tell you how I control that One thing that you need to understand is everything is now transparent. If you make someone fool by giving him a bad product or services then that person can tell everyone on the internet about you and your brand Online includes social media as well as Googly my business If you search Lapaas on Google then you can how many reviews are there. You can also write what you think about us Many people have written their reviews on the google so if anybody wants to take any services from Lapaas so he will go there and read all the reviews people usually read negative reviews But the most important thing is how you handled that negative review I also had 2-3 bad reviews there and even I don't know who they are but it was all up to me how I handle them So, in the same way, you will have a Google business page so your competitors will write negative reviews about you and your services So Online reputation management includes this thing how you handle them First, always reply to a negative comment and always reply in a polite tone In negative comment, you have to ask what wrong I did and? Some comments will be senseless like once I got a review which was about my website speed is slow even they didn't take any service or course from me but still he comments I still remember when I announced regarding my first batch. So a person comment that I don't teach well and He didn't get anything from me. Till yet I haven't started any batch but still got that bad review. So what happens is negative vibes spread because of those negative comments Now many people will read that negative comment and they will decide not to take any course from me I cleared all the things to people that it is going to be my first batch I don't know now where that comment is but I replied to him, how you can submit your review because the institute didn't start yet But after that, I didn't get any reply from him. He might be my hater or my competitors. The second thing is we have to understand the difference between criticism and feedback Criticism is good like some people said me you got fat, you don't speak well, etc. You need to learn how to accept criticism and how to work on it Interaction is the most important thing in social media. For example, If you don't understand what I said so you can tell me in the comment box If many people say the same thing then I will get to know that I am wrong You can't satisfy everyone. one product can't satisfy the two people at the same level. I will always get 2-5% of dislikes doesn't matter how good the article is because haters will always dislike Because you can't satisfy all the person they might be your haters or competitors or maybe they have not like my article in real. It could be the article, product, service or anything Now let's assume that lots of criticism are coming and lots of bad reviews are coming so what can we do in that situation? Recently I shared a article on community poll of my factspot99 blog which was about Lucknow tour like what I did there and all In that article, the like-dislike ration is very high although I hide the like and dislike option now I will tell you why I did that I asked everyone about the article and I get all the positive comments but still dislike ration was high so I didn't understand why it happens Then I shared that article in my main channel and asked everyone what wrong I did in this article. You guys also watch and tell me in the comment box what wrong I did and do dislike but give me the reason for it so I can correct my mistake Let's assume there's a person whom I hate and he just uploaded his article so what will I do is I have 100 ID's and I will dislike his article from all of my ID's Now what happens his article got 10 likes and 50 dislikes So now if any new viewer will come he will attract to the negative comments so there will be high chances that he will also dislike the article and in this situation, Blogger gives you an option to hide the like and dislike option But what will you do if you keep getting bad reviews on Google my business?

 SO you will report this and if they found it genuine then they will accept your request If someone wrote a bad comment so you can reply to him in such a way that he will become your lifetime customer For example, you go to a burger king and the taste of burger is not that good or you go to a dominos and cheese was less over the pizza so what they will od is they will replace the pizza so it is called the customer for life by working on the problem you are facing Once they replace the pizza you will become their customer for life I follow the same concept I don't charge from a customer until he likes my services and satisfied with it. Let' s assume you are the only one who knows how to handle social media. So how we can track who wrote a negative comment and on which social media We can check this thing on our own social media but for other's, we can use a free tool which is called "Google alerts" You can enter your keyword so it will notify you whenever someone will talk regarding that particular keyword Nowadays new thing has come and that is a website for negative review so on that website everyone will comment bad about some product or services or example someone makes a website so whenever someone will search amazon reviews so this side will come up. and all the people who are dissatisfied so they will write bad comments Now, what's the point for telling you all these things? The point is you have to put the same amount of efforts in the online reputation management as you are putting in your office or other things Because nowadays everyone searches for the product before actually buy so if somebody finds the bad comment about your product or services then your game will be over So you have to correct all those things or pay some money and write blogs and rank them on the first page so all those pages which contain bad comments will go down and nobody will read them. This is a black hat technique But the only condition is if you are offering good products or services otherwise all your branding will vanish from Google my business and facebook page So this is all about online reputation management. Now you have to think strategically for how to spread the positiive era for your brand So people will think this company is the best. So this thing is called online reputation management One more thing if you gain someone respect then you will win the game People in INtellectual indies respect me because I am providing them good knowledge and in factspot99 blog nobody knows Intellectual indies. The audience of these two channels are completely different In factspot99 blog I am targeting creative audience You can't gain respect from these kinds of people. Like I uploaded a article on Ninja technique to complete the buffet on which I talked about how you can recover your whole money So in that article people are saying me I am selfish, I am poor and along with that they are also abusing my family So what can I do is I disrespect them and abuse them or I can simply reply hahaha very funny or either I block that person So what I do is whenever I see negative comment if it's feedback than I always reply them but if its negative comment which is not making any sense so I simple block that person But then I realized that the audience of my channels is different from each other. People over that channel doesn't give any respect to me So you have to understand the behavior of your audience. I hope you enjoy this article please like and share and check Google my business of lapaas and write some good comments

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