Power Of Language and  Art Of Qualifying,  Sales Training - 6

It happens often in sale that we waste our time With someone means we tell him a lot about our Product and Service and At last we get to know that, he doesn't even have the money to buy the Product or Service Let me give you the example of My first Batch of Digital Marketing that time,I announced Free Demo Class and what happens then, there were a lot of people who wants to meet me, and they all came for the Demo Class and then Everyone start taking the demo class and everyone says that they going to register and i was Happy I thought Everyone got Registered, but At last when we talk about the Enrollment Fees Then they refused by saying that my mom is Not allowing, My father in Not Allowing this and That So i learned a lesson from this, that we don't have to give anything in Free, Or any service in Free I'll try to teach you the art of Qualification If i had the Qualification Fees that time Like if you want to Enroll for my Digital marketing plan Then you have to pay 5000Rs. as a Registration Charge I am not providing Demo Class now Because i have a Huge Playlist on Youtube Regarding the Digital Marketing and I f someone want to have a Demo, He/She can watch my Playlist and will get an idea about My Teaching Style I have made a separate Video regrading the topics that will be covered in the Course Then why should i waste time by Providing the Demo Class and Now i have a Qualification Criteria and If someone wants to meet me, or wants to have a Consultation regarding something I was getting many Calls or My team was getting, who wants to talk with me that please arrange a meeting as i want to take this service and that thing Who was taking the loss here? me. People come, i give them my Precious time I have also Gave 5 hours in the Meeting At last We get to know that they are just a Start-up and don't have any money They were only meeting me to get the Idea about their Business Model So here also, we made a Separate Criteria That you have to pay x amount if you want to meet Sahil Khanna If you wants to know about the plan, that you can know from our Team But if you wants to have a Consultation with me Then you have to Pay 5000Rs. as a Consultation charge and if you take any service from us, this 5000 Rs. will get deduct from that Then i made another Criteria that if Someone Really wants to meet me, then only He/She can meet me And no matter in which category you are doing the Sales You have to Make a Separate Qualification Criteria It is not just a Matter of Money, i'll tell you more things Suppose you are selling a Service or a Plan For which a person has to be Graduate Then Firstly you have to ask the Qualification of Him/Her Means how much you have studied, whats your Qualification? If he/She says Yes, Then you can give him the Service Otherwise you don't have to sell it and don't have to waste time Keep in mind that, you can't be rude with someone who doesn't has the Qualification Like Go, You cant buy our Product, Get lost We have to behave with a Good Courtesy with everyone as He/She might gets Qualified later like He is 12 pass and when he gets Graduate He/She should be able to Come to us later on and if you misbehave with him, he/she will share this things with others also that don't do the Course from them as they Misbehave If He/She get qualifies, then what are the things that we have to do? One thing i have told you earlier also that if you want to gain the Trust

Today, we will talk about Trigger Words and Language Pattern in sales This is our 9th Chapter and If you are watching this First time, Do check the Playlist in the I Button Above You can follow the whole Playlist After this, There will a Final and a Closing Chapter So do Like this Video, and Do share it with as much people as you can Those who are in need of Sales Lets talk about the Experiment from which you will learn a Lot of Things about Sales and About, How words have an Impact on your Sales? and On Others Decision Making Process Once Their was a Huge Queue, and An Someone Conducted an Experiment there He went to the First person in the Queue and Tell him to Let him go First Their were 25% Chances in which that person allowed him. and In the next case, He Request the First person for the Same thing as i am in Hurry He gets 75% of the Conversion this Time and In the Last Case He request the same things with an addon that it will take just a minute In these Three cases, we have three Different Cases of Please, Because and Only Case 1- Please allow me to Go first Case 2- Please allow me to Go first Because i am In Hurry Case 3- Please allow me to Go first Because i am in Hurry and it will take just a minute or So. If we use these Three Words, These Three Power words in our Sales Pitch Then, Their will be Increase in chances of Conversion In the Example, That person was trying to sell something to someone By saying, Please let me go first Basically he is Selling himself, so that His work gets completed First So in this research, We got these three Pattern and Many Big Salesperson use this Power words and If you are not using it, Then you should Use it Now when we should use Only? You must have seen this in Prices When we go out for Shopping, their is Only after each Price Tag 99Rs/- Only, etc What is the part of Only here? It's a Part of Tonaility. We are positing in others mind of Only or Just in Particular Price What the Cost of IPhone? 1,50,000 INR Only 1,50,000 Only We get a Position in our Mind, that its just of 1,50,000 INR As the Human as Evolved, The person usually Doesn't fall for the Only Part But on Subconsious Level, It always Trigger You Now, What the Use of Because? That you should Buy this Product Because of ... When you are able to Tell the Buyer about Why he/she Needs it, Their will be better chances of Conversion Now lets talk about another Experiment, Newton has also explained this things of Every Action has equal and Opposite Reaction In this Particular Experiment, A waiter put up through Different Situation/Case It has been Observed in the Researched that their is around 10% Tip Ratio Means there are about 10% of the People who prefers to give Tip The told the Waiter that when someone is Waiting for you, approach them with a Smile They observed that when the Waiter talks with the Smile, their was 15% Increment in the Tip They added the Gift along with it in the Next Experiment and This time the Waiter took the Chocolates along with him at the time of Billing Or What you might have seen in the Indian Restaurants, they use Fennel Seeds and Misri When the Waiter took something as a Refreshment along with him, their was a Chances of upto 50% for Tip And the Biggest tip ratio was in the Case, Where the Waiter gave 2 Chocolates at the table approched to the Next Table and then came back to same Table and Put another two Chocolates on that table In this Particular Case, There was 100% Tip coversion rate They got the 100% Conversion rate, that means a lot

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