Tonality & Body Language, Sales Training-3 

Today we will talk about 3rd chapter,TONALITY tonality means,the way I am talking like loud,slow,fast,slow all these comes under tonality and all these has some subconscious meaning so lets understand all these things,and if you understand it takes time,I do it subcounsciously because of my practice it would be difficult for you in the starting,we discussed about 4 types of learning subconscious,learning and all that,do keep in mind you need to work hard and do it properly and you will get used to it so lets understand if I speak a word loud then I am trying to get the attention teachers and leaders used to speak loud because they want public attention so this is loud here you see I talked smoothly,here I want to grab someone attention to the next level so here loud means attention,and soft means secretive attention and this is only for you or urgent,do it now so this is wisperse so here I am creating an imergency and when I am talking fast means hello friends my name is kartikeya tyagi and you are watching intellectual indies buy good night,good morning,good afternoon whenever you are watching the article,all there things are fast and where I am explaining then it is slow so if we are explaining the product specification,any important thing like our product can change your life then that will come and where I want to hide something or it is not much important then I will be explaining you fast like mutual funds are subjected to market scene,used to come fast because they did there work and it would not trigger in your mind subcounsciously if I will speak slowly about mutual fund whatever but I made a line on sales pitch and I will be explaining you now you know slow,fast,loud and low now I meet a guy I had an advantage,I have looks,cloths and all things and my body too gonna to make an impact 90% of the sales got from body language suppose

 if there are 2 guy to sell a product then so if a guy whose body language is much good then he will buy from him and the guy needs the products and you sold it and too with good body language,then it would sell easily 90% of the communication skill is body language so while in front I can show like I can move my hand,have a nice beard or clean save I can show myself rich anything I can do it but in phone I can't do it so in phone I can use my tone to impress the other one tone means by my language and the way of talking alot of sales calls do I get from them and they talk like this so while listening the hello I made a perception of that gut that he is an idiot but few talk like a professional and we find interesting in talking to them you too have gone throw this where they talk like an old man that poor guy with a sad tone can never able to sell a product I told you the sec rule,where a person will easily able to make an image of a person in sec so via you tone any one can make a image of you that 3 rules which I told you,attention seeking,acknowledge,have to gain the trust trust is last part,but you need to gain an attention 1st and even you can gain the trust in 4 sec only,I will tell you all the ways,one more thing which is one-on-one conversation,this is my techinq you can see my mouth,how I am moving it,most of you don't do it so basically when I talk to a guy then he looks to my lips basically you need to touch the senses of the person so when I talk and plus I move my hands according to it and with too my moving lips,this sends a verbal message to others we liberate while we talk so while I talk my lips move,so practice the lips and open your mouth more often the one who talks slowly they won't work out in public so open you mouth,this is the small rule you need to know so let's come to the tropic,I made a sales pitch for you,ideally I need to read first but I need to go somewhere last time we did not had a 1000 likes,so please do that so to have a article in this series then please have 1000 likes so my 1st pitch,good morning my name is kartikeya tyagi and I am founder of Lapaas good morning,stop and break so I did take a GREETING from you like good morning my name is Kartikeya tyagi I am from Lapaas my name is Kartikeya tyagi

 I am from Lapaas so I did focused Kartikeya tyagi and lapaas in this tone so I made you attentive via my focusing name and I did mentioned my company,so you have an idea that he is a from any company so next you have to pitch "sir I want you 5 min if you are free" 90% of the customer will say yes as you have requested them and not forcefully you did it so with a request or permission you won the heart of the customer and now he is ready to listion you so the next line you need to pitch is like "sir we do have a largest collection of free digital marketing course in youtube" so this free digital marketing course you can access any time and can apply to your business and can grow your business so here what I did is I gained a trust of the guy which whom I talked to as here I trust my digital marketing course,any one who will watch my course will automatically come to learn with me,as I believe in my product so here I did pitch to that guy,he may not buy that product instantly as me may be out of money but he will go to the youtube and will search the free guides first and in future he may join us but I have still to pitch "sir I have a small notification article for you or I am providing a notification if I went to meet someone so my pitch is "sir our registration of the next marketing batch has just started if you want you can apply for the course,we provide you with the most advanced digital marketing course we learn the basic marketing terms and we apply in digital marketing,one more thing to clear you digital marketing is a part of marketing people will only explain you the tools only but we cover both the tools and the marketing principals too adwords had became ads interface will tend to change,will you always do the same course again the answer is no sir here we develop leadership,we have a group where you became a leader and work on it you understand the concepts and apply to it to do not move behind the tools rather you understand the concepts and if a new tool arrives in the market then you are able to apply it we try to make best of you in this course so I did said my pitch,now rewind back and analyze my tone which word I focused more and which less some are loud and some are soft here final thing is closing you free is Rs 30000 and we have a limited seats so if you wanna to join then please do register yourself,if the seats gets full then don't blame us so we created to urgency I talked smoothly and the free part I talk too fast as the free does not matter in this course here we are talking about knowledge and not money rather I focused on limited seats one more thing to clear you,if you invest 7-8 hours in sat-sun classes then only join us else do not join because sahil sir do give us alot of work if you want to work hard then only join else no people ego will heart and ultimately they will joint the course here these techniques does not mean 100% success,but these technique will help your work easy so here you conversation will tend to increase look the way I am talking hope you got the point do apply I told you to make a sales speech last week so make a sales speech and put an arrow to loud pitch and slow pitch and do practice it do talk to people 1st talk to a mirror and then approach to people with this your speech will come subcutaneously in starting you will gonna to talk like a robort play the script if you practice well then the speech will come automatically.

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